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With so many different lenders and home loan products in the marketplace today, deciding on the loan that best suits your individual needs can be challenging. Listed below is an explanation of the various loan types that may help in your endeavour.

Basic Variable Rate Loans
Basic variable rate loans are extremely popular due to their low-interest rates. The trade-off with these types of products is that they are limited in features.

Standard Variable Rate Loans
Standard variable rate loans are known for their flexibility and features. Partly fixing, loan splits, offset, additional repayments and redraw are usually standard with this type of product.

Fixed Rate Loans
Fixed-rate loans protect borrowers against interest rate rises for a given period of time although work against borrowers when rates fall. Fixed-rate loans are popular amongst investors and homeowners that require a level of security when forward planning their repayments.

Combination or Blended Loans
Combination or blended loans allow borrowers to split their home loan into partly fixed and variable portions. This provides borrowers with the flexibility of a variable rate product and added certainty of a fixed rate loan.

Equity Loans or Lines of Credit
Equity loans or lines of credit allow borrowers to unlock the equity in their properties for any worthwhile purpose such as renovating, investing, motor vehicles, children's education, etc. These types of products provide a low-cost option to other forms of personal lending with the flexibility of allowing interest to capitalise.

All-In-One Loans
All-in-one loans are everyday transaction accounts where salary and expenses are paid and withdrawn from the loan. The idea here is that by depositing your salary into your loan account and only withdrawing your living expenses as required, is that the interest charges are reduced. The trap with this type of product is that it requires a high level of disciple or borrowers could end up spending more than they should. To realise the same benefit whilst minimising the overspending risks... we recommend a variable rate product with a 100% offset facility.

Non-Conforming Loans
Non-conforming loans are designed to benefit borrowers who do not meet mainstream lenders' criteria. These types of loans are the perfect solution where a borrower's credit history may have been impaired due to a one-off situation such as divorce, failed business, illness, or temporary unemployment.

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Neil made it easy to select the best mortgage for us when buying established and to build our house when we needed a construction loan. The application process was simple and Neil coordinated everything quickly with the bank and our solicitors.

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We have been lucky enough to have Neil from Loan Heroes guide us through all our property finance needs for almost two decades. He has always provided a
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